Taco VR3452-HY1-FC1A00 - Viridian Self Adjusting ECM High Efficiency Circulator - Cast Iron, Flanged

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Viridian Self-Adjusting High Efficiency Wet Rotor Circulator, Less Flanges - Rotated (115V)


For more than 70 years, designers, installers and other HVAC professionals like you have learned to count on Taco Wet Rotor Circulators for high quality, reliability and versatility.

Taco Wet Rotor Circulators are designed to deliver superior performance across a broad range of head/flow requirements in applications from residential to heavy commercial.


Typical Applications

  • Domestic Hot Water Systems
  • Heat Recovery Units
  • Water Source Heat Pumps
  • Potable Water Systems
  • Chilled Water Cooling
  • Open and Closed Loop Solar Systems
  • Radiant In-Floor/Panel Heating
  • Large BTUH Boilers
  • Primary and Secondary Loops
  • High Pressure Drop Applications
  • Large Radiant Heating and Heat Recovery/Geothermal Systems

We manufacture our Wet Rotor Circulators in a variety of materials and configurations to help you fulfill the requirements of virtually any system. They include the Taco D’MAND instant hot water system and LoadMatch® circulators for use in LoadMatch fan coil heating and cooling systems. Their many features deliver not only performance, but fast, convenient installation, easy maintenance and added value to every job you do.

Taco Wet Rotor Circulator Features Include:

  • Field-Replaceable Cartridges—Contains all moving parts (Taco “00”® Series)
  • Installation is Fast and Easy, Maintenance is a Snap
  • Self-Lubricating Design for Unmatched Reliability.
  • Universal Flange-to-Flange Dimensions.
  • Direct Drive—Low power consumption
  • Quiet, efficient operation