For generations, America’s strength has emerged from the power of its manufacturing factories. Today, NIBCO INC. is a premier example of an American success story with its U.S.-based manufacturing and all-American ownership. Today, the company is a worldwide manufacturer of flow control system solutions for residential, commercial, industrial, marine, and irrigation markets. With a manufacturing history spanning over a century, NIBCO is positioned for continued growth under its fifth generation of family leadership and employee ownership. Recently, Ashley Martin, Rex Martin’s daughter, was named Executive Vice President. She co-founded the American Supply Association’s Women in Industry and continues to support diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace.

Installing a Nibco Union Fitting

Ready? Set. Solder. with this step-by-step guide demonstrating installation of union fittings! We breakdown the supply list, explain the technique, and give some dos and don’ts to walk you through

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