Tuf-Tite 4HD2 - 4 Hole Drain Distribution Box - Seals not Included

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Jake N. (Sacramento, US)

Tuf-Tite 4HD2 - 4 Hole Drain Distribution Box - Seals not Included

craig s. (Waddy, US)
Smaller than concrete

Like the design had to add 4” of pipe to make up for the size but seems to do the job

Tuf-Tite 4-Hole Distribution Box Brochure

Tuf-Tite Distribution Box. THE TOUGH ONE!

  • Injection molded HDPE
  • Non-corrosive
  • Simple to install
  • Easy to level

In a septic environment, no other material can match High Density Polyethylene in delivering a lifetime of trouble-free service. Tuf-Tite Distribution Boxes are injection molded, using only premium HDPE which contains no fillers or foam.

Snap-in Pipe Seals

They’re patented. Simply insert your PVC pipe and push it through the flexible, polyethylene Tuf-Tite seal. Pipes fit watertight. Installation couldn’t be easier.

They’re Permanent

Unlike cement-based pipe grout, Tuf-Tite seals will not crack or corrode in septic conditions. They stay pliable and watertight permanently.


  • Injection molded. Exceptionally strong.
  • HDPE is noncorrosive in a septic environment.
  • Patented snapin pipe seals simplify installation.
  • All Tuf-Tite products are U.V. stabilized.
  • Interlocking Lid. Heavy-duty HDPE Lid is ribbed for added strength and rigidity. Slotted sides interlock on the Distribution Box to assure a tight fit.

Installation is Just this Simple

  1. Position the Distribution Box on level virgin soil. Do not place box on a concrete slab.
  2. Install the inlet pipe and outlet pipes. Be sure the bottoms of all pipes rest on virgin soil.
  3. Level the Distribution Box and all pipes as needed.
  4. Backfill the pipes to within two feet of the Distribution Box. Recheck the level of the box, then backfill up to the top lid ridge.
  5. Install and adjust Tuf-Tite Speed Levelers.
  6. Place lid on the Distribution Box and finish backfilling.

Required Accessories: 

Tuf-Tite S-35 Pipe Seal

Tuf-Tite S-35 Pipe Seal

Tuf-Tite P-10 Plug

Tuf-Tite P-10 Plug

Tuf-Tite SL-4 Speed Leveler

Tuf-Tite SL-4 Speed Leveler