PTC1 - Spray Head Pull-Up Tool

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Rain Bird PTC1 - Spray Head Pull-Up Tool

Ever noticed how difficult it is to change or install nozzles and how easily a wet stem can quickly disappear back into the spray body. Once the stem accidentally slips and retracts back into the sprinkler body, you have no option but to completely disassemble the spray head to reattach the nozzle.

Rain Bird PTC1 Spray Head Pull-Up Tool for Pop-Up Sprinklers. Finally a tool that simplifies and speeds-up maintenance of pop-up lawn sprinklers. Easy to use tool pulls pop-up sprinkler stem upwards and prevents it from retracting while you work on maintenance or replacement of spray nozzles.

That frustrating and time-consuming exercise is completely eliminated with this handy tool.

Easy to use instructions: (1) insert flanged flat metal tips into nozzle assembly, squeeze handles and lift to pull stem up and out of sprinkler body (2) now hold stem by hand and squeeze handles to open jaws (3) position jaws around stem (4) release handles and tool firmly holds stem in a fully extended position.

You’re now free to work with both hands without worry of stem retracting back into spray body. Tool is adjustable for width of opening by simply tightening or loosening screw on handle by hand. Works with all brands of pop-up irrigation sprinklers. Corrosion-resistant metal with comfortable vinyl handle covering.


  • Pulls up and then holds a spray head stem to keep it from retracting.
  • Frees your hands to unscrew the nozzle and make any necessary repairs.
  • Spreader nose easily grasps the inside top ring of the nozzle.
  • Rugged steel pliers hold the nozzle stem firmly in extended position.
  • Corrosion resistant.
  • Works with all major nozzle brands.
  • Vinyl-coated comfort grip.
  • Quickly and easily pulls nozzle and stem into full open position.
  • Handy tool makes working on pop-up sprinklers easy.
  • Holds stem in full open position while you work freely with both hands.