Red-White Valve 268AB - Lead Free Brass Gate, SWT x SWT, 3/4"

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Specification Sheet

Installation, Operation and Maintenance

Red-White Valve - 268AB Lead Free Brass Gate Valve


  • Lead Free Brass Body
  • 200# WOG
  • Solder x Solder
  • Handwheel Handle
  • Solder Ends (ASME B16.22)
  • Screw in Bonnet
  • Non-Rising Stem
  • Solid Wedge Disc
  • AB1953, NSF/ANSI 61 & 372 Certified

Use and Maintenance

  • Valves need to be operated on a regular basis (at least 6 times a year) with a complete open/close cycle. Beyond routine periodic cycling no additional maintenance is required. Valves must be replaced in case of leakages and/or damages.
  • The valves have been designed and manufactured to be exclusively used as shut-off valves, therefore they shall be used in the fully open or fully closed position only. They must be operated only by acting on the handwheel provided by RWV without any other additional device.