Q4690756 - ProPEX Ring with Stop, 3/4"

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Matt (Clovis, US)

Just what I needed.

A ProPEX Ring is required to make a ProPEX connection. The 1/2" through 2" rings include a leading-edge chamfer and integral stop edge to further simplify the use of ProPEX fittings.
Material: Engel-method Crosslinked Polyethylene (PEX-a)
Density: 926 to 940 kg/m3
Degree of crosslinking: 70% to 89%
Manufactured from PEX-a material, Uponor ProPEX® Rings are required to make a proper ProPEX connection. The ProPEX Ring with Stop includes a leading edge chamfer and stop edge
Installation: Square cut the Uponor ProPEX tubing. Remove excess material. Slide the ProPEX Ring over the end of the tubing (maximum 1/16" over-hang for rings without stop). When using the ProPEX Ring with Stop, slide the ring on the tubing with the chamfered edge first until the end of the tubing contacts the stop edge. Expand the tubing and ring. If using the ProPEX Manual Expander Tool, rotate the tool a quarter turn after each expansion to prevent the formation of grooves. Remove the expansion tool and fully seat the tubing and ring against the shoulder of the fitting. Make ProPEX connections at temperatures above 5°F/-15°C. For more information, refer to the AquaPEX® Professional Plumbing Installation Handbook, the AquaSAFE™ Fire Safety Installation Guide or the Uponor Radiant Installation Handbook.
Standards: ANSI/NSF 14; ANSI/NSF 61; ASTM F876; ASTM F877; ASTM F1960; ASTM F2023; ASTM E84; CAN/ULC S102.2; ASTM E119/UL 263; CAN/ULC S101; ASTM E814/ULC S115; AWWA C9044; CSA B137.5; CSA B214; UL 18213; ULC/ORD-C199P
Codes: ICC; IPC; IMC; IRC; UPC; UMC; NSPC; HUD; UFGS; NPC of Canada; NBC of Canada
Listings: cNSFus-fs(3For 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1 1/4", 1 1/2" and 2" tubing only); cNSFus-pw; cNSFus-rfh; cQAIus; UL; CSA; WH; ETL; PPI TR-4; ICC-ES; IAPMO; BMEC; CCMC
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Radiant Heating and Cooling Systems
AquaSAFE Fire Safety Systems