LF2875050 - ProPEX LF Copper Tub Ell, 1/2" PEX LF Brass x 1/2" Copper (3" x 6")

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ProPEX LF Copper Tub Ell provides a 90-degree transition from tub and shower valve to Uponor AquaPEX tubing.

Note: ProPEX Tool is required. ProPEX Rings sold separately.

The ProPEX® Copper Tub Ell, ½" PEX Lead-free (LF) Brass x ½" Copper is available for use in hot and cold domestic potable water systems.
The copper tub ell is comprised of ½" copper pipe with an Uponor ProPEX Fitting on one end and the other end open.

Material: C69300 Brass; Type L Copper

Installation: Use compression fitting with a male national pipe thread (MNPT) adapter. Refer to the AquaPEX® Professional Plumbing Installation Guide for additional information.

Standards: CAN/CSA B137.5; ASTM F877; ASTM F1960

Codes: IPC; UPC; NSPC; NPC of Canada

Listings: ANSI/NSF 14- and 61 certified; HUD MR 1269; ICC ESR 1099; U.P. Code, Annex G

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