Taco 007-ZF5-3IFC - Priority Zoning Circulator - Cast Iron, Flanged, Integral Flow Check, 1/25 HP

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Priority Zoning Circulator 007 Series with Integral Flow Check-115 VAC

 The Taco Priority Zoning Circulator combines the reliability of the “00” circulator with the convenience and efficiency of a PC board-mounted switching relay package. Each zoning circulator has low and high voltage terminal strips for ease of electrical hookup as well as a built-in priority switch. The priority switch allows the installer to choose the zone that requires the most attention and, when activated, run only that circulator.

Performance Data
Available in Models 003 - 0014
See specific model for the following data:
Flow (GPM)
Head (ft)
Min. Fluid Temperature
Max. Fluid Temperature
Max. Working Pressure
Connection Sizes
Patented Design
00® Reliability
Available in sizes 003 - 0014
UL Listed
Snap-in PC Board
Removable, Quick-Connect Low-Voltage Terminal Strip
Works with Other Circulators or Zone Valves
Universal Thermostat Compatibility
Simplified Wiring
LED Power Light
Optional Integral Flow Check (IFC®)
Simplifies Piping
Prevents Gravity Flow/Reverse Flow
Eliminates Separate In-Line Flow Check
Reduces Installed Cost
Improves System Performance
Available in Cast Iron, Bronze or Stainless Steel Construction