MAXADAPTOR The Universal Shielded Sewage Coupling

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MAXADAPTOR Universal Sewer Repair Coupling

The adaptability of the MAXADAPTOR Coupling is achieved by means of an EPDM rubber reducing gasket and nylon plastic securing cage, in combination with two AISI 304 series stainless steel shear bands. The reduction process takes place concentrically, uniformly, and separately on each pipe end.

The plastic securing cage retains the gasket ends in a locked position, permitting the center section of the gasket to rise and settle inside the middle section of the securing cage. The securing cage’s conically deformable middle section and integrated band channels enhance this unique sealing process and guarantee that puckering, or deformation of the gasket can be avoided, thus ensuring a root-proof and leak-proof pipe seal.

This stable repair coupling ensures stepless adjustment on both pipe ends and promotes enhanced security against deflection and shear loads.


  • Corrosion Resistant AISI 304 Series Stainless Steel Click-Lock Clamping System
  • High Impact Polyamide (Nylon) Securing Cage
  • Injection Molded EPDM Rubber Sealing Gasket

OD Sizing

  • 4 Inch: 4.13" to 5.56"
  • 6 Inch: 6.27" to 7.75"
  • 6 Inch+: 6.27" to 8.10"
  • 8 Inch: 8.40" to 10.15"
  • 10 Inch: 10.50" to 12.68"
  • 12 Inch: 12.50" to 15.00"


  • LEAKPROOF - AISI 304 Series Stainless Steel Click-Lock Clamping System and High Impact Polyamide (Nylon) Securing Cage ensure shear load stabilization and a precision-fit on any pipe. Watertight, leakproof seal resists infiltration and exfiltration.
  • ANTICORROSIVE - AISI 304 Series Stainless Steel components resist corrosion in marine applications, poorly aerated/moist soils, contaminated grounds conditions (e.g., industrial fill sites), and chloride, sulfates, or bicarbonates in ground water.
  • DURABLE - EPDM Synthetic Rubber Sealing Gasket resists ultraviolet rays, ozone, fungus growth, natural soil erosive properties, and normal sewer gases.
  • RESILIENT - EPDM rubber permit a substantial degree of distortion without change in basic physical resistance. More pliable and easier to install in cold weather applications than elastomeric PVC gaskets.
  • CUSTOM FIT - Internal pipe stop for precise installation, reduces noise and vibration.
  • LOAD BEARING - AISI 304 Series Stainless Steel Click-Lock Clamping System and High Impact Polyamide (Nylon) Securing Cage control load bearing between coupling and pipe surface, opposing shear forces and deflection, while maintaining pipe alignment and flexibility.
  • PRE-SET CALIBRATION - Installs with a pre-set cordless drill calibrated to 80 in./lbs.


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