I-40-04-SS - I-40 Stainless Steel 4" Pop-up Rotor Sprinkler with 6 Nozzles

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Stell have not gotten it!!!!

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Hunter I-40-04-SS - I-40 4" Pop-up Rotor Sprinkler with 6 Nozzles

The I-40 is a tough commercial rotor that delivers water with accuracy and efficiency at distances up to 70 feet. Featuring diverse three-port nozzle options, a non-strippable drive, and a thick rubber cover built to prevent injury; it's no wonder this rotor is found in more stadiums than any other in the world. With the strength of stainless steel, the I-40 is built to last in the harshest sports, public park, and commercial environments. If efficiency, effective irrigation, and beautiful results are the goal, the I-40 is the irrigation professional's best solution. 


  • Stainless steel riser for extra durability
  • Patented automatic arc return feature returns the turret back to the original arc pattern if vandalized; adjustable arc from 50 to 360 degrees
  • Non-strippable drive mechanism is protected from damage if turned in the opposite direction of travel
  • Part- and full-circle in one model for flexibility across landscapes and reduced inventory
  • Color-coded nozzles make identification easy
  • Drain Check Valve prevents low-head drainage (up to 15' of elevation)


  • Overall height: 7-7/8"
  • Pop-up height: 4"
  • Exposed diameter: 2"
  • Inlet size: 1"
  • Radius: 44' to 69'
  • Flow: 7.6 to 29.5 GPM
  • Recommended pressure range: 40 to 100 PSI
  • Operating pressure range: 40 to 100 PSI
  • Precipitation rate: 0.4 in/hr approximately
  • Nozzle trajectory: standard = 25 degrees
  • Warranty period: 5 years

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