Honeywell T775P2003/U - Electronic Temp Boiler Controller w/Reset, 4 SPDT, 3 Sensor Inputs

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Honeywell T775 Brochure

Honeywell T775 Installation Instructions

Honeywell T775 Specifications

Electronic Temp Controller Boiler Special w/ 3 Temp Inputs, 4 SPDT Relays, 1 Pump Output, 3 Sensors


Special Boiler Model — The T775 boiler model offers features including dedicated pump output, staging for up to 12 relays, digital output alarm, pump exercise, pump pre-purge and post-purge, warm weather shut-down, built-in scheduler, displayed run time, equal run time, first-on, first-off and more. With a single control, you can handle multi-boiler applications. The T775 boiler model can be used on chillers as well. 


Easy-To-Use Graphical Interface
Operating the new T775 is easy and the intuitive programming will save you time on every job. Each model includes a keypad lockout.

Internal Time Clock Scheduler
The Setback and Disable Output options, controlled by the built-in scheduler or digital input, will help save energy during unoccupied times and give you more control of the equipment without needing to purchase an additional time clock. Run times can be displayed for the first 4 relay outputs.

Up To Two Independent Modulating Outputs
Each output can be individually configured for 0-10 Vdc, 2-10 Vdc, 4-20 mA or Series 90.

Modulating High Or Low Limit Control
To protect your equipment from freezing or overheating, models offering this feature give you the ability to adjust your control temperature at Sensor A to protect equipment at Sensor B. The control adjusts its modulating output to prevent exceeding the user-entered High (Heat mode) or Low (Cool mode) limit for Sensor B.

Optional Configurable Integral And Derivative Times
Standard on every device, this feature delivers pinpoint (PI or PID) control on modulating outputs set up by default to behave just like the previous T775 Series 1000, but now you can adjust reaction times and behavior, giving you more control. Anti-integral wind-up is standard.

Reset Models With Simplified Setup
Reset programming is easy. Simply enter the high and low control temperatures and the corresponding high and low outdoor temperatures. As your outside temperature gets colder, the setpoint temperature automatically adjusts to save energy.

Configurable Minimum Off Time
If needed, setting a minimum off time can protect equipment and reduce the need for a separate time delay device.

Sensor Calibration
Calibrate input sensors up to +/-10° F (+/-6° C) for temperature and up to +/-10% of range for other sensors (e.g. pressure, humidity) to compensate for resistance drops in longer sensor wire runs.

Note: The T775 is an operating control, not a limit or safety control. If used in applications requiring safety or limit controls, a separate safety or limit control device is required.