Honeywell THX321WFS2001W - T10 Pro Smart Thermostat with Redlink Room Sensor

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Honeywell T10 Smart Thermostat Brochure

Honeywell T10 Smart Thermostat Getting Started

Honeywell T10 Smart Thermostat User Guide

Honeywell T10 Smart Thermostat Install Guide

Sense the temperatures and humidity in the places that matter most with the T10 Pro Smart Thermostat. Focus on the rooms you choose by adding Smart Room Sensors and setting a schedule, or let the sensors respond to your lifestyle.

Product Overview:

The T10 Pro Smart Thermostat works with Smart Room Sensors to help you adjust the temperature and humidity from anywhere and stay cozy in the rooms that matter.

Place sensors where you want to see each room's temperature and humidity. Use the multi-room display on the thermostat's touchscreen — or in the Honeywell Home app — to focus on rooms based on occupancy or a specific schedule you choose. When focusing on multiple rooms, the T10 works toward creating an average temperature, balancing the needs across the whole home.

Whether it’s a song belted in the shower or a whispered secret, your air goes beyond simply carrying oxygen to circulating memories. Heavy or light, hot or cold, always unique to your home, the air you feel is more than its temperature setting. Our Air products and services work with you and for you, supporting and creating more comfortable surroundings.

Take It All With You

Manage your Honeywell Home devices in the easy-to-use app, making it simple to control home comfort, monitor usage and more — from anywhere.

Worry less — get alerts if temperatures rise above or fall below your threshold as well as reminders to change your air filter. Plus, you don’t always know your schedule week-to-week. With location-based home and away modes, your smart thermostat can respond to your lifestyle, automatically adjusting your temperature and passing the savings onto you.

Apple Store Total Connect Comfort App Google Play Total Connect Comfort App

Prioritize Multiple Rooms at Once

With the T10 Pro Smart Thermostat and RedLINK™ Room Sensors, you can prioritize comfort in different rooms at different times – like living areas during the day and in bedrooms at night. Or choose to adjust the temperature based on the motion in the active rooms.

Home Air in Perfect Balance

Control humidification, dehumidification, or ventilation from your thermostat or your Honeywell Home app. Air quality isn’t just important for you, it helps your home’s heating and cooling system run smoothly too. Ask your pro which air products are right for your home.

Comfort When Home, Savings When Away

With the Honeywell Home app, the T10 Pro Smart Thermostat knows when you're coming and going, no matter your schedule. Save energy when you're gone and come home to comfort.

Smart Response & Alerts

The T10 Pro Smart Thermostat learns your home's heating and cooling cycles. Be alerted when it's time to change your filter or when temperatures swing drastically — and frost protection can cycle if it gets too cold.

People Detection

RedLINK Room Sensors can automatically focus on occupied rooms. Advanced motion detection knows the difference between someone passing through a room or spending time there.

Schedule Your Comfort, Your Way

Make your own schedule in the app or on the thermostat, or allow each sensor's motion-detection technology to shift priority automatically as you move around the house. The geofencing feature in the Honeywell Home app allows the T10 Pro Smart Thermostat to know when you're coming and going to automatically optimize comfort and savings.

Monthly Home Energy Reports

Track your heating and cooling trends and compare your energy usage to similar homes in your area. Get tips to help you reduce your energy use and make your home more efficient and help save on your bills.

Get a Rebate from your Utility

Connect your Honeywell Home thermostat to your utility to earn rewards. Earn money for using less energy when others are using more.


  • Thermostat Type : Programmable, Communicating, Low Voltage, Digital
  • WiFi Specifications : 802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n, 2.4GHz range, 5GHz range
  • Color : White
  • Includes : T10 Wi-Fi Thermostat, UWP Mounting System, Decorative Cover Plate, Screws and anchors, Professional Install Guide, Getting Started Guide, RedLINK indoor sensors
  • Program Modes : 7-Day Programmable, Geofencing, Manual / Not Programmed, Occupancy Through App
  • Utility Rewards : Yes
  • Display Type : Touch Screen
  • Fan Function : Cycled, Continuous
  • Product Height : 4.69 in, 74 mm
  • Product Width : 2.88 in, 74 mm
  • Warranty : 5 Years
  • Control Functions : Heating
  • Stages : Up to 3 Heat/2 Cool Heat Pump Systems, Up to 2 Heat/2 Cool Conventional Systems