Honeywell R7284U1004 - Universal Electronic Oil Primary

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Resideo Digital Oil Primary Brochure

Resideo R7284U Installation Instructions

The R7284 oil primary is a digital, universal primary control, engineered to address the most common industry needs. The R7284U parameters are user defined and provides detailed actionable diagnostics.

Ideal For Oil-Fired Burners - This electronic oil primary control by Resideo is a line voltage, safety-rated, interrupted and intermittent ignition burner used in boilers, forced air furnaces, and water heaters. This EnviraCOM enabled control works with low and high voltage thermostats. 

Intuitive Monitoring. Safer Control. Reliable Diagnostics. - Imagine a digital, universal primary control engineered to address and anticipate every industry need. Safely controlling and monitoring fuel oil ignition, the R7284 Oil Primary Controller delivers a host of new benefits. Each setting and diagnostic is displayed in easy-to-read text on a userfriendly screen — including actionable information presented in English, Spanish or French.

Detailed Diagnostic Information

  • Quick-fix digital display delivers clear data, fast
  • Determines and displays why a lockout has occurred — lack of spark at the electrode, partially-functioning flame sense, line voltage dips and more

Simple, Streamlined Set-up

  • Easy to operate
  • Simple access to setup and diagnostic features — no external tools required

Multi-faceted Monitoring

  • Monitor a variety of components outside of your controller, from cad cell and flame check to the voltage and igniter spark
  • Displays faulty component in case of failure

Consistency and Control

  • Select 15, 30- or 45-second safety timings and adjust valve-on and blower-off delays
  • Compatible with virtually all oil-fired appliances.

Memory and Error History

  • Keep track of system quality by accessing memory data for a day-to-day performance
  • Baseline feature uses a cycle-trend reading, allowing for troubleshooting during service check-ups — before a no- heat call occurs

EnviraCOM Connection

  • Able to fully integrate into any EnviraCOM communications system
  • Remote monitoring with a simple 3-wire connection

Additional Features

  • Recessed wiring pocket to allow more space in tight junction box installations
  • Seamless integration with power venters without integral timers
  • Engineered to be unmatched in compatibility