Honeywell HZ432K - TrueZONE Panel Kit

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The kit comes complete with the HZ432 Zone Control Panel, AT140 Transformer and C7735A Discharge Air Temperature Sensor. A fit for any smart home, this control panel works with conventional, heat pump or dual fuel applications. With intuitive, easy-to-follow steps, The TrueZONE HZ432 Panel offers easy professional installation with a digital display will guide you through the install process. You'll get confirmation that the panel is operating properly before you ever leave the job site. Common-sense LEDs indicate which zones are calling and what stage they're calling for. At only 8 inches wide, the panels can be mounted on the return duct, studs or the wall next to the system.

  • Get through installation quickly with four easy steps and a digital display that uses plain language to guide the installer
  • Variable-speed fan
  • Controls dual fuel
  • Compatible with heat pump
  • Includes resettable fuse
  • Thermal fuse with auto-reset protection on each zone


  • Includes: HZ432 Zone Control Panel, AT140 Transformer, C7735A Discharge Air Temperature Sensor
  • Application: Zoning
  • Stages: 3 Heat/2 Cool in
  • Number of Original Zones: 4
  • Product Height: 13.42"
  • Product Length: 8"
  • Product Width: 1.86"
  • Color: Gray
  • Auto Changeover: Yes
  • Checkout Procedure: Yes
  • Compatible Sensor: Discharge Air Temperature Sensor, Outdoor Temperature Sensor
  • LED Functions: Stage of heat and damper state
  • Power per Zone: 28.8 VA at 100 °F, 16.8 VA at 160 °F, 28.8 VA at 38 °C, 16.8 VA at 71 °C
  • RedLink Specifications: THM4000 Wireless Adapter Module required
  • Warranty: 5 Years

TrueZONE HZ432 Panel

For conventional, heat pump or dual fuel applications up to 4 zones (3H/2C)

  • Intuitive Installer Setup RedLINK-Enabled with Wireless Adapter
  • Universal Application
  • Standardized Checkout Procedure
  • Robust Push Terminals
  • Common-Sense LEDs
  • Variable-Speed Fan Control
  • Discharge Air Temperature Staging
  • Advanced Dual-Fuel Operation
  • Expandable up to 32 zones with TAZ-4 Add-a-Zone Panel