F100F2025 - Media Air Cleaner, 25" x 20"

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Media Air Cleaner Installation Guide

Media Air Cleaner Quick Start Guide


You want your indoor air to be cleaner – down to a microscopic level. You also want an efficient and affordable air purifier to work throughout your home.

Honeywell Home Media Air Cleaner can deliver advanced cleaning that requires minimal maintenance. Once it's professionally installed, you only need to replace the filter every 6-12 months, depending on use. That’s means it lasts 4 times longer than a standard one-inch furnace filter.

It's widely compatible – working with gas, oil and electronic forced air furnaces and air conditioning systems.

Cleaner Air- Filter your home's air with the efficient and affordable Honeywell Home F100 Media Air Cleaner. This whole home air cleaner can capture a significant amount of airborne microscopic particles that enter it, like dust and smoke, plus larger contaminants such as mold spores and pet dander.

Robust, Versatile, Effective - The redesigned tighter door and tighter corners improve the airflow for the entire house. This media air cleaner is widely compatible, working with gas, oil and electronic forced air furnaces and air conditioning systems.


  • Air Cleaner Type: Media Air Cleaner
  • MERV Rating: MERV 11
  • Filter Type: Disposable
  • Product Width: 6.75 in, 171.45 mm
  • Product Length: 20 in, 508 mm
  • Energy Star Certified: No
  • Filter Thickness: 4 in
  • Static Pressure Drop: 0.23 in wc at 500 FPM

How it Works

The filter in your Honeywell Media Air Cleaner is made up of a web of fibers. As air passes through the Media Air Cleaner, particulates such as dust, pollen, dander, mold, and bacteria collide with the fibers in the filter and become trapped. Meanwhile, the clean air is allowed to continue through your heating and cooling system and into your home. The particle removal efficiency of the Honeywell Media Air Cleaner can be found in the Specification section of this manual.

Application Considerations

The Honeywell Media Air Cleaner is designed to work with gas, oil, and electric forced warm air furnaces and with compressor cooling. It can also be used with heat pumps if the filter is changed regularly to prevent excessive pressure drop. The Honeywell Media Air Cleaner is not recommended for applications where pressure drop may be critical.