CP-22T - Asurity Condensate Pump - 22 Feet of Lift - 120V

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Tim D. (Madison, US)

CP-22T - Condensate Pump - 22 Feet of Lift - 120V

It worked as advertised. I am pleased with my purchase.

Brian R. (St Louis, US)

Same as the one I had. Very nice equipment. Thanks.

Nicole C. (Lancaster, US)

CP-22T - Asurity Condensate Pump - 22 Feet of Lift - 120V

Richard W. (West Plains, US)

CP-22T - Asurity Condensate Pump - 22 Feet of Lift - 120V

Bill T. (Fountain, US)
Exactly what I was looking for

Contacted Supply Stop and talked with Allen and told him what I was looking for and he said the pump I saw on their site was the one that would work for my application and helped me get it ordered and shipped it out the same day. I was surprised to see it two days earlier than it was supposed to be here. Thanks and I’ll be using this company again!

DiversiTech CP-22T Condensate Pump

The Asurity CP-22T Condensate Pump provides 22 feet of lift, two more feet than the average condensate pump. The 120 volt pump features vibration dampening feet and motor mounts, metal hang tabs, four inlet holes, a clear indicator display, a float switch and check valve. Includes 20 feet of 3/8 inch tubing. Suitable for use with condensate up to 160°F. Asurity™ - Your Complete System for Condensate Management. This product was made by DiversiTech.

Vibration Isolation - The elastomeric motor mounting gasket dampens vibration.

Indicator Lights - The red, yellow, and green indicator lights show the pump status. The green shows the power applied to the pump, yellow shows the pump is running, and red is for high level alarm.

Rubber Feet - The rubber feet that support the CP-22 Condensate pump help to dampen vibration which reduces noise.

Four Inlet Holes - The four inlet versus two or three on other pumps provide the greatest installation versatility. Inlet holes have a reinforced wall for durability.

Removable Check Valve - The CP-22 Condensate Pump features a removable check valve which allows for hassle free cleaning.

Overflow Safety Switch - The 1/4" quick connect terminals provide easy connection to the built-in overflow switch. Two terminals are provided allowing the installer flexibility to connect the air handler shut-down. The switch features SPDT isolated contacts ready for connection to building automation systems.

Metal Hang Tabs - The CP-22 Condensate Pump comes equipped with shatterproof stainless steel hang tabs which have hole-and-slot design for easy mounting. The tabs are located on convenient 8" centers.