23808-0045 - EB45-DSB 3/4" Direct SharkBite Pressure Reducing and Regulatin

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SharkBite EB45-DSB Pressure Reducing and Regulating Valve

The Cash Acme® SharkBite® EB45-DSB is a half-cartridge based pressure reducing and regulating valve with a bronze body. The valve resembles the traditional regulators with a
spring chamber and an adjusting screw, but offers the performance of a cartridge based valve. The SharkBite EB45-DSB is assembled using modular construction methods and features
SharkBite connections in 1/2" through 1" sizes. Connect the SharkBite pressure reducing and regulating valve to copper tubing, and CTS CPVC and PEX in seconds with ease. These
valves are supplied by the factory with a standard delivery setting of 45 psi. The outlet pressure can be adjusted from 10-70 psi without changing the spring.

The EB45 is intended for use where supply line pressure does not exceed 200 psi. This regulator is suited for either cold or hot (to 180°F) water service.


  • Compact pressure reducing and regulating valves:
    • Designed for small and economic considerations.
  • Certified by ASSE Standard 1003, Listed by IAPMO and ASSE:
    • Inspector friendly, peace of mind.
  • By-pass mechanism integral with the cartridge:
    • No add-on or small parts, longer life and more reliable performance.
  • Quick and Easy service:
    • Back off pressure and remove spring chamber, pressure spring and button and replace cartridge and you have a new valve.
  • Every valve is tested for performance prior to shipping:
    • Specify and install with confidence.
  • Instant push-fit connections for increase ease of use:
    • No soldering, glue or tools required to make connection.
  • Rugged bronze body:
    • Superior reliability, improved user safety


  • A pressure regulating valve shall be installed to reduce high supplies of incoming water pressure. The valve shall be approved in accordance with ASSE standard 1003 and IAPMO.
    The valve shall have a bronze body, brass and stainless steel internals, an EP diaphragm, stainless steel strainer screen, an inbuilt back-pass check and SharkBite connections. The
    valve shall be a Cash Acme EB45-DSB.