Caleffi 132662A - 1" NPT QuickSetter Balancing Valve

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Caleffi 132662A - 1" NPT QuickSetter Balancing Valve

The balancing valve accurately controls the flow rate of heating and cooling transfer fluid supplied to fan coils and terminal units; or where
flow balancing is required in solar thermal systems. Proper hydronic system balancing ensures the system operates according to design specifications, providing satisfactory thermal comfort with low energy consumption.

The flow meter is housed in a by-pass circuit on the valve body and can be shut off during normal operation. The flow meter permits
fast and easy circuit balancing without added differential pressure gages and charts. The balancing valve comes standard with a hot
pre-formed insulation shell to optimize thermal performance for both hot and chilled water.

These items are designed for use in closed hydronic systems. Do not use in plumbing applications. These items do not meet the lowlead plumbing standards of U.S. and Canada.


  • Static balancing valve with flow meter.
  • Direct reading of flow rate.
  • No sight gauge clouding or scaling.
  • Brass valve body and flow meter.
  • Rotatable valve for flow rate adjustment.
  • Graduated scale flow meter with magnetic movement flow rate indicator.
  • With insulation.
  • Max working pressure: 150 psi
  • Temp range: 14° - 230°F