252158A - 3/4" Adjustable Thermostatic Mixing Valve for Solar Systems with Temp Gauge (sweat

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Installation & Commissioning Manual

Specification Sheet

In solar systems, the temperature in the storage tank can vary considerably, depending on the solar radiation, and can reach very high temperatures over long periods. In summer, and if there is little water usage, the hot water at the storage tank outlet can actually reach temperatures around 200º F. At these temperatures, the hot water cannot be used directly because of the danger of scalding.

The thermostatic mixing valve is used in systems for scald protection in the production of domestic hot water. It is designed to maintain the set temperature of the mixed water supplied to the user when there are variations in the temperature and pressure conditions of the incoming hot and cold water or in the water’s flow rate. This particular series of mixing valves can function continuously at the high temperatures of the incoming hot water from the solar storage tank.


  • Adjustable thermostatic 3-way mixing valve for solar systems.
  • With built-in inlet check valves.
  • With temperature gauge.
  • Setting range:  80° - 150°F
  • Max working pressure:  200 psi
  • Max inlet temp:  210°F
  • Connection: ¾" sweat