Taco 0015-MSF3-1IFC - 3-Speed Cartridge Circulator - Cast Iron, Rotated Flanges, Integral Flow Check

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0015 Multi-Speed Cartridge Circulator with Integral Flow Check

The rugged 0015 3-Speed circulator is specifically designed to provide dial-in precision to meet the requirements of any hydronic heating system, including radiant and higher head systems. In radiant applications, its’ 3-Speed switching capability gives you the fine tuning control to match a wide combination of tube diameters and lengths of run. The 0015 delivers the highest starting torque in its class and is a direct replacement for the Grundfos UPS15-58. The Stainless steel 0015 is ideal for potable water and hot water recirculation systems and directly replaces a Grundfos UPS15-55 3-speed.

  • Standard High Capacity Output
  • Compact Design
  • Quiet, Efficient Operation
  • Unique Replaceable Cartridge Design – Field Serviceable
  • Direct Drive-Low Power Consumption
  • Self-Lubricating
  • No Mechanical Seal
  • Unmatched Reliability --Maintenance Free
  • Universal Flange-to-Flange Dimensions
  • Cast Iron or Stainless Steel Construction

Typical Applications

  • Hydronic Heating
  • Radiant Heating
  • Primary-Secondary Loops
  • Indirect Water Heaters
  • Chilled Water Cooling
  • Potable Hot Water Systems

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