Taco 006e3 - Infinitely Variable ECM High-Efficiency Hot Water Circulator, Less Cord

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Mark R. (Lawrence, US)
Nice pump

Using the pump with my electric tankless water heater for on demand hot water at my bathroom. Had to set the pump on the high setting to get enough gpm at the water heater to initiate the heating cycle. It requires .7 gpm to start up. But the pump works as intended.
I used a temperature sensor valve under my bathroom sink which may have restricted the water flow rate, thus requiring the higher pump setting.

JOE W. (Seattle, US)
This isn't about the pump quality- It's about TACO's pathetic marketing and preying on customers

006e3 comes with two connectors (similar to but not the same as HOSE connectors. TACO is too cheap to include TWO(2) Neoprene seal washers to connect to the water lines.
The thrust is: TACO does not list part numbers for these washers/seals no make them available to the consumer. TACO expects after dropping +- $300 for a pump you need to purchase THEIR kit for either 1/2 or 3/4 sweat couplers JUST TO GET THE CRUMMY SEALS. If the pump is a a original install this makes sense as you need the couplers to install on your copper lines.
BUT if you are replacing the pump into a previous installation the kit is useless except for the new set of seals. So you throw away the rest of the kit.
Anyone with a brain knows re-sweating a set of coupler adapters when they are NOT NEEDED is buying trouble. The same person with a brain KNOWS the probability of having a water leak reusing the old rings/seals is pretty high. As was the case with me- replacement of TACO 006e3 and old seals would not stop leaking. Replaced them from robbing said TACO kit and NO LEAK!
I have had 3-4 TACO pumps through the years but this is the LAST one of theirs I purchase. SO I repeat "TACO sucks!"

Taco 006e3 Brochure

Taco 006e3 Instruction Sheet

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006e3 ECM High-Efficiency Hot Water Circulation Pump w/ 6 ft. Cord

The 00e Series® — 006e3 is an infinitely variable fixed speed, high-efficiency wet rotor circulator with an ECM permanent magnet motor. It is perfect for hot water recirculation and hydronic heating applications. With 3 easy settings, the 006e3 delivers performance, reliability and ease of installation that made the 00® famous.

  • Taco trusted 00e Series quality and reliability – Install it, forget it.
  • Easy to use dial:
    • Low, Medium, High
    • 006 & 006 Performance point references
  • Easy installation:
    • Compact design for tight spaces
    • Multiple connection options available
  • High-efficiency ECM motor uses up to 85% less electricity
  • SureStart® is your no-callback safety net, automatically purging air and unblocking the pump to keep it trouble-free. No one else has this feature!
    Unmatched customer service & technical support


The 006e3 is a high-efficiency wet rotor circulator with an ECM permanent magnet motor. It is designed for use in open loop domestic hot water recirculation or closed hydronic systems. A simple 3-setting speed dial allows you to match circulator performance to system requirements. The 006e3LC model includes a 6’ power cord.

  • GPM: 11
  • Head (ft): 13
  • Max. Watts: 44
  • Sizes (in): 1” union, 1/2 - 3/4 fittings (sold separately)