Uponor F3060500 - UPON F3060500 BLUE 1/2 x 300 C

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UPON F3060500 BLUE 1/2 X 300 C


Technical data: 

Material: Crosslinked polyethylene PEX-a Engel Method; PEX 5206

Standard Grade Hydrostatic Ratings (PPI):
180°F at 100 psi (82°C at 6.9 bar)
73.4°F at 160 psi (23°C at 11 bar)

Linear Expansion Rate: 1.10"/10°F/100' (27.94mm/5.56°C/30.48m)

Product information and application used: 
Uponor AquaPEX® Blue tubing is used primarily in cold potable-water distribution systems, but can also be used in radiant heating and cooling systems containing no ferrous corrodible components or where ferrous components are isolated from the tubing.

Approved fitting system is ProPEX®.Refer to the Uponor Professional Plumbing Installation Guide for additional information.

Standards: ANSI/NSF 14; ANSI/NSF 61; ASTM F876; ASTM F877; ASTM F1960; ASTM F2023; ASTM E84; CAN/ULC S102.2; ASTM E119/UL 263; CAN/ULC S101; ASTM E814/ULC S115; AWWA C9044; CSA B137.5; CSA B214; UL 18213; ULC/ORD-C199P3

Codes: ICC; IPC; IMC; IRC; UPC; UMC; NSPC; HUD; UFGS; NPC of Canada; NBC of Canada

Listings: cNSFus-fs3; cNSFus-pw; cQAIus; UL; CSA; WH; ETL; PPI TR-4; ICC-ES; IAPMO; BMEC; CCM

Related applications: PEX-a Plumbing Systems
Radiant Heating and Cooling Systems