62-24268-03 - Integrated Furnace Control

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Rheem 62-24268-03 - Integrated Furnace Control Board

A furnace control board is essentially the brain in a furnace. The control board operates the key functions in the order that they are supposed to happen and controls everything from turning on the gas to shutting down the fan after your home has reached the desired temperature. Our Integrated Furnace Control Board is a versatile component. Designed to fit multiple models from the brand, reducing the need to replace the board often. This element is an OEM genuine factory authorized part, ensuring high-quality to keep your equipment running safely and smoothly. Install with a licensed technician to reap all of the benefits from the integrated furnace control.


  • Integrated board
  • Easy installation
  • Fits most models
  • OEM genuine factory authorized part

Where Used

  • 80LJ
  • 80PJ
  • 90RJ
  • 90TJ
  • RGDJ
  • RGLJ
  • RGPJ
  • RGRJ
  • RGTJ
  • RGVJ


  • 62-24268-01
  • 62-24268-02
  • 62-24192-01