MSZ-GL09NA-U1 - Ductless Mini Split MSZ-GL09NA-U1 9000 BTUWall Mounted Heat Pump Air Hand

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Ductless Mini Split MSZ-GL09NA-U1 Wall Mounted Heat Pump Air Handler

The heat pump air conditioning system shall be a Mitsubishi Electric MSY-GL split system series. The system shall consist of a slim silhouette, compact, wall mounted indoor fan coil section with wireless remote controller and a slim silhouette horizontal discharge outdoor unit which shall be of an inverter driven heat pump design.

1.02   Quality Assurance

  • The units shall be tested by a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) and shall bear the ETL label.
  • All wiring shall be in accordance with the National Electrical Code (N.E.C.).
  • The units shall be rated in accordance with Air-conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute’s (AHRI) Standard 240 and bear the AHRI Certification label.
  • The units shall be manufactured in a facility registered to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, which is a set of standards applying to environmental protection set by the International Standard Organization (ISO).
  • A dry air holding charge shall be provided in the indoor section.
  • System efficiency shall meet or exceed 20.5 SEER when part of a 1:1 (indoor/outdoor) system.
  • Delivery, Storage and Handling
    1. Unit shall be stored and handled according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.
    2. The hand held wireless controller shall be shipped inside the carton with the indoor unit and able to withstand 105°F storage temperatures and 95% relative humidity without adverse effect.

General Information

  • Wireless Controller: Yes
  • Cool (BTU/H): 9000
  • Heat (BTU/H): 10900
  • Seer: 24.6
  • HSPF: 12.8
  • Energy Star: yes
  • Sound Level: 19
  • I-See Sensor: No
  • Control: All
  • Filter Type: A, N
  • Fan Speed: 5 Speed
  • Timer: 24H